A Place at the Table

I’ve been reading A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White this month and its one of those misfit-people stories told from the perspectives of multiple individuals, all of whom feel alienated from one community or another. On occasion this summer, the community I’ve felt alienated from is myself. I work a job where I sit at a desk all day and enter data into a computer. I’ve accepted a job for the fall where I schedule sales meetings for a publishing executive. Data entry? sales? caller? What is this life that i’ve arranged for myself? Certainly nothing my essence accepts. I get hungry at odd hours from the what I call body-static, I don’t get to go outside when the sun is high to feed my soul, and I stress about finances. but when i get to dance, i find my place at the table. 

Earlier this summer I  had the opportunity to audition for a dance company in the cities, assistant teach at a studio, and volunteer for an outdoor choreographic event at a modern art museum. Every time i’ve left a dance experience this summer I’ve felt more energized and inspired than when I arrived, and thats how I know i’m in the right place. I’m looking toward the right path, all I have to do is keep going. Thats how I know I belong