“Imagery works to facilitate body awareness and more effective movement patterns…Kinesthetic images give one the feeling of movement, visual images paint a mental picture the reflects correct performance, autitory images are sounds or words that can trigger correct action, and metaphorical images are more complex in that they provide an external object or idea intended to enhance the quality of execution of movement” -Sandra Minton

“To understand the brain we must understand movement”

White Flowers -Mary Oliver
         “Never in my life had I felt so plush, so slippery, so resplendently empty

“Dreams do not lack reality…the imaginary foundation says that the role of human imagination is to conceive of all these delightful futures and choose the most amazing and exciting and ecstatic possibility then pull the present foward to meet it.”

I dreamt we were susceptive to language
that care might be agency’s complement
and form never more than condition
passing as body
               -Eleni Stecopolos
Rituals of Home, Aleks Weaver; Music Editor: Maddi Frick, Piano Acc. Brian Eno

Naval Radiation & Connectivity