The body of somatic literature is ever-growing out of a drive articulate in words, somatic discoveries, many of which that were made through moving. This somatic library features literature that includes historical topics, theoretical discussions, and useful embodying practices.


Although much of somatic exploration occurs through embodied practice, an important way to communicate these explored ideas is through literature. This page features classic works by somatic founders and other writers investigating somatic principles and practice.


Since the 1970′s, communication of ideas within this field has occurred largely through periodic publications. This page features journals and magazines that present articles and research about somatic theory and its application in dance education.

Dissertations and Theses

In moving, feeling, sensing, and thinking, this field constantly evolves through the discoveries of everyone in the somatic community. As the field of Somatics continues to unfold there are so many questions to pursue. Many Masters and Ph.D students are responsible for unfolding new areas of inquiry within Somatics. This page features some seminal works by such students who have become influential people in developing the field.