Since the 1970’s, communication of ideas within this field has occurred largely through periodic publications. The following are some prominent periodicals that either have a somatic focus or often address somatic issues within their pages.

Somatics Magazine

Somatics Magazine was originally imagined by somatic founder Thomas Hanna and his wife, Eleanor Criswell. Criswell continues to run the magazine that includes articles, poetry, theoretical studies, book reviews, and personal narratives, all based in somatic thought. Its content is not focused on application of Somatics in any particular domain, but rather presents a variety of contexts for its use with emphasis of its practicality in daily living.


Currents is the official publication of the Body-Mind Centering Association. The journal offers professional writing in the field of somatics. The content of the journal reflects the depth and breadth of the Body-Mind Centering® work and includes articles and case studies about working with infants, children and adults, and applications of BMC to yoga, dance and teaching movement.

Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

This journal focuses on the relationship between dance and somatic practices, and the influence of this body of practice on the wider performing arts. The journal is aimed at scholars and artists, providing a space for practitioners and theorists to debate the work, to consider the impact and influence of the work on performance, the interventions that somatic practices can have on other disciplines and the implications for research and teaching.

Journal of Dance Medicine and Science

This journal is run by the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, and features content that explores dance and the function of the moving body through a scientific lens. Just before the term Somatics was a common place term “dance as subjective science” had emerged as a new field of interest. Issues of this journal include results of current clinical and experimental research from fields as diverse as dance, psychology, kinesiology, physical therapy or sports medicine, nutrition, kinesiology and many more.

Journal Of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

Organized by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and DanceJOPERD’s mission is to advance the common goals and discrete roles of health, physical education, recreation and dance professionals who are committed to improving the quality of life through the movement arts and sciences, sport, and leisure. Recent issues of JOPERD have included articles on teaching strategies, fitness, legal issues, assessment, dancing, teacher education, adapted physical education, leisure for older adults, the use of technology, and ethics and gender equity in sports and physical education.

Body, Movement, and Dance in Psychotherapy

A suggested resource by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, this journal explores the relationship between body and mind and focuses on the significance of the body and movement in the therapeutic setting. The body is increasingly being recognized as a vehicle for expression, insight and change. The journal encourages broad and in-depth discussion of issues relating to research activities, theory, clinical practice, professional development and personal reflections.

Journal of Dance Education

The Journal of Dance Education, run by the National Dance Education Organization, is more focused on dance pedagogy and addressing issues of dance in the classroom. As somatic practices have begun to play an important role in dance training articles about somatic approaches to dance education have also found their way into this journal.