Common threads of perception connect us to other human beings. Our own perceptions expand in awareness of others’ perceptions. It is through these connections that a field of study is shaped and developed. There are so many people and organizations dedicated to the development and practice of Somatics! You can learn more about the influential people in this field under Somatic Founders, however here you will find mission statements of organizations founded by many of those people, imagined through connections to each other.


The purpose of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association is to grow the emerging field of somatic movement education and therapy. ISMETA encourages continued conversation, research and growth in the field, and values the voices of everyone participating. ISMETA is committed to building the community of somatic movement practitioners worldwide, and training programs are upheld to a high standard.  ISMETA works to educate the general public about somatic work and help our colleagues in complementary and alternative medicine, human services, and the performing arts understand its benefits.

Somatic Systems Institute

Somatic Systems serves as a center for Clinical Somatic Education™, Thomas Hanna’s method for somatic therapy. Somatic Systems provides and expands access to Somatics through it’s 3 main divisions:

The efforts of the Somatic Systems Institutes are mainly focused toward professional training, clinical work, and research within the field.

Green River Dance for Global Somatics 

Founded in 1982 by Suzanne River, Global Somatics is a Midwest center for somatic studies that provides a comprehensive curriculum in experiential anatomy, developmental movement and embodiment of the energy field. The Global Somatics™ Process empowers individuals to activate channels between the experienced body and the energy field for self realization, authentic healing and conscious evolution. In addition, Global Somatics™ Process introduces people to the world of somatics by correlating relevant somatic modalities with the experience of various body systems and the energy field. In sum Global Somatics engages, educates, researches and inspires people to move, touch, sound and live consciously in the Natural Body.


The International Association of Dance Medicine and Science is driven to enhance health, well-being, training and performance of dancers by cultivating educational, medical, and scientific knowledge.  Its membership includes people from medical and dance professions including dance educators, performers, medical practitioners and many others!

Body-Mind Centering Association

The Body-Mind Centering® Association, Inc. (BMCA) is an international organization for those who practice or are interested in Body-Mind Centering®, a somatic education and therapy modality developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.  BMCA began in 1985 from an initiative by Ellen Barlow and Sara Vogeler. In subsequent years, it was developed into a creative community of individuals dedicated to exploring, sharing, and expanding upon Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s work. The thread linking this community is a dedication to Body-Mind Centering and its advancement in the world. BMCA’s mission includes:

  • maintaining high standards of professional competence and excellence;
  • supporting research and publication of materials relating to the work;
  • providing resources, information and avenues of communication about the work;
  • improving access to the work; and
  • educating the public.