As somatic beings, we expand our perceptions by opening ourselves to a wide spectrum of sensations.  Different modes of information provide various ways to experience the world around us and inside of us. There is just so much out there!  When looking for somatic texts, materials, physical practices, research, etc., how do you weed through it all to uncover the juiciest bits?  Hopefully these resources can help you through the process.


The body of somatic literature is ever-growing out of a drive articulate in words, somatic discoveries, many of which that were made through moving. This somatic library features literature that includes historical topics, theoretical discussions, and useful embodying practices.


Discussion or journaling are good strategies to consolidate the fruits of reflective process, commit to an action practice, and realize its benefits in a personal way. The podcasts featured here are excerpts of reflective discussions from the minds of those who imagined this website and are available on iTunes!


Imagery is an enormously useful educational tool because of its capacity to convey information and meaning in simple and colorful ways. The various images on this page illustrate how deeply connected Somatics is to art, neuroscience, word, and creative thinking.


There are so many organizations dedicated to the development and practice of Somatics! Visit this page to read some of the mission statements of these organizations and visit their websites to find out more about somatic work and conferences coming to your area!


Simply Somatic is designed to convey the purpose of somatic work and variety of applications; however, there are many other websites that delve more specifically into certain aspects of somatic work.

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